Some Great Mini V-Mount Battery Choices

V-Mount batteries are very common in the industry; powering cameras, lights, monitors and more. Traditionally, they were big and heavy. But with the influx of smaller cameras and a larger variety of uses, mini V-Mount batteries are increasingly useful and convenient.

I’ve used mini (or micro) V-Mount batteries from a few companies like Bebob and BlueShape… and recently, I was able to check out a couple more.

The 2 I tested this time around were from Core SWX and Yinchem.

Core SWX has a variety of batteries available, but this one in particular is the NEO 150 Mini. It’s large capacity goes nicely with a solid build, a full range of connections with no limitations on their output and even a beautifully informational display screen. The battery in general is really solid, but that display screen is where it shines (pun intended?). Not only can it show the remaining battery percentage, but it will tell you how long you can expect to use it with the current draw, or how long there is remaining until a full charge. With the smart D-Tap, it can even give you an estimate of the time remaining while using dummy batteries to power cameras via D-Tap. Amazingly Useful. Seriously. An info screen well done.

The Yinchem battery is, at the moment, only available in the 99Wh version I reviewed, but it’s quite a powerhouse. You wouldn’t expect it, since it’s one of the smallest V-Mounts I’ve ever seen (please forgive the clickbait-y thumbnail; it’s not really THAT small).

Again, equipped with both D-Tap and USB, and having a very high output, this battery isn’t holding back. It’s built surprisingly tough for the price- one of the cheaper options on the market- and it even has a display screen to show you the battery percent. There are a few things missing: a simple LED battery meter on the side for one, remaining usage time on the display screen for another. Plus, the screen shuts off completely after about 10 seconds, unlike the Core SWX battery which stays on even after the backlight turns off.

In any case, it doesn’t quite feel like a budget option even though you will save a bit going for this one. Check out more in these videos and find links below to grab one for yourself.


Core NEO 150:
Yinchem 99Wh V-Mount Battery:
Yinchem d-tap charger:

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