Time To Clean!

Cleaning up the studio takes up more time than you’d imagine between reviews. Things get cluttered, the floor gets messy with little trash from unboxing stuff and overall dirty from bringing bags in and out when going on shoots. And dust. Oh, so much dust. I guess that’s especially true because my studio is inside a 100 year old Japanese Kura (garage). 

So, I got a new vacuum recently from Proscenic; the P11 is what it’s called. I’m not sure if that means they had 10 versions before this or not, but I’d believe it because this vacuum is a beast, and at just $259, it’s a steal too. My wife jokes that her favorite feature is the “my-husband-now-cleans-the-house-frequently” feature! 

I know this is a bit off topic from my usual reviews, but it’s an important part of the job, so I thought I’d write about my thoughts. I’m also a family man with 3 kids and 2 pets, so I felt like it was particularly appropriate.

Up until now, we had a typical corded vacuum cleaner with the stick and the body that you have to carry everywhere or drag along behind you and keep switching outlets as you move through the house. This was a nightmare in the studio because oddly enough I don’t have a lot of outlets, and there are tight stairs and second floor to think about too.

My mother-in-law lives behind us and has a Dyson, so we’d often go and borrow that but it was still a bit of a hassle to do every time we wanted to clean one little spot. Plus, the battery on that dies crazy suddenly, it can be awkward to empty and it’s way too expensive to buy one for ourselves. 

So, I found out about Proscenic, which is about half the price but seemed incredible on paper, and tried it out. Let me tell you- it feels every bit as well made as the Dyson, if not better, and is honestly easier to use in a few different ways. 

I’m not sure if it’s lighter, but it feels more balanced in my hand. My wife said the same thing and the head is super flexible yet easy to control as you go in, under and around all the furniture, tables etc. I’ll add some graphics with the techie specs in case you care, but it really is very easy to use. I also really appreciate the LED lights on the head, except that it makes it REALLY obvious just how dirty your floors really are (before you clean them, of course).

There are a handful of attachments, each which click in nicely either at the end of the long tube or right close to the body… and man- is it strong. You only get about 10-15 minutes on the highest power but it’s hardly ever necessary, and the lowest setting can run for up to 55 minutes- better than I get for equal vacuum power from the Dyson. AND, there’s a clear battery icon on the LCD screen, which is touchable! Yes, a touch screen vacuum. You can easily switch from auto power to whatever power you need just by tapping, and if something gets stuck you’ll see an error code to let you know what’s going on. No more sudden dying when I have just a little bit more to clean! Plus- the battery is removable. That means you can even swap out a spare if you’re up for some intense cleaning. 

On to cleaning the cleaner- emptying the dust bin, that is. It’s also very easy (getting predictable yet?). Instead of shaking the whole vacuum over the trash like with the Dyson, you can just remove the dust bin with one click and dump it out. The filter and everything inside is really easy to keep clean as well; so far wiping it down has been enough for us but you can actually wash it with water if you need to. 

The removable battery can be charged with the included charger or you can hang it on the wall like I did- everything is included and instructions are super easy. 

The bottom line is- I can quickly and easily grab it from the charging station, clean tight spaces- small messes, big messes… anything really- and i know when the battery will die, I can empty it easily and I know I’ll have a clean studio. I can (and do) clean everyday. A little kitten recently joined our family of a dog + 3 kids, so it’s more useful than ever in the house too. My wife couldn’t be happier and a happy wife = a happy life. And for me, a clean studio = a productive studio. 

Check it out for yourself if you’re in the market, I don’t think you’ll regret it:


More Info:

1、LED Touch Screen

Battery level, error codes and suction modes can be showed on the screen, and you can adjust the suction mode through the screen. It has 3 suction modes to choose from, you can adjust between the 3 modes as your need.

2、Three Adjustable Power Modes

Three suction modes to choose from, max mode: 25000 Pa, Lowest mode: 9600 Pa, you can adjust between the three modes as your cleaning needs.

3、Mini Motorized Brush

The P11 vacuum cleaner includes a mini motorized brush that removes dust, especially on beds, sofas and pillows, to provide a clean and comfortable living environment.

4、Long Crevice Nozzle

With the crevice tool, you can easily remove dust from corners and cracks.

5、Round Brush

The round brush heads are ideal for removing hair and dust from curtains, bookshelves and sofas.

6、Powerful brushless motor

Powered by a advanced brushless motor rotating with a high speed of 110000rpm, the P11 cordless vacuum generates 25000 Pa powerful suction in max. Suction power far exceeds that of cordless vacuum cleaners from other brand. With 25000Pa suction power, you can clean every corner of the house. In addition to dust and garbage, you can suck invisible garbage.

7、Long battery life

Powered by 2200mA LG Lithium-ion battery to deliver fade-free suction up to 55 minutes. There are three suction speeds for this cordless vacuum. Max mode works 12 minutes, the low-speed mode works for 55 minutes.

8、Rotatable brush head

The floor brush head of this cordless vacuum is rotatable and flexible, this enables the vacuum to rotate in 90 degree in front side and 180 degree in left and right side, and makes it easy to clean the hard to reach places.

9、Removable battery

The battery of this P11 vacuum cleaner is detachable, making it convenient to charge the battery separately and enables double cleaning time if you purchase a spare battery.

10、Floor Roller Brush

The roller brush is in zig-zag shape and the rool is tangle-free, this special design can easily cut the hairs tangle around the roller brush and make the it performs well.

11、Easy-to-empty Dust Bin

The dust container can be emptied simply by pressing the release button on the vacuum body.

12、Washable component

All filter accessories are detachable and washable, can be easily washed with water.

13、Dust container capacity:0.65L

Charging time: 3 hours

Led headlight   √

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