Spiffy Gear KYU-6: The Lights We All Need

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how useful these little slap bracelets- er, I mean LED bands- were going to be. But man, oh man, did I fall in love with them more and more each time I used them.

(I did).

The thing is, they’re just so versatile.

They can be fun: long exposure portraits, creative lighting you would not have thought of otherwise… even play time with the kids!

They can be crucial: lights that literally fit and mount where no other light can, emergency blinking lights slapped on to the back of your bicycle, or used during power outages or while camping.

They can be handy: a reading light stuffed in the couch cushions or wrapped around a bed post, or worn on your wrist while walking around a dark house at night.

And most of all, they can be with you anytime: You can slide them into your pocket or ANYWHERE in a camera bag, wrap them around a strap on your backpack, and even hide them around your ankles if you have no pockets or don’t want them visible (like at a wedding!).

And because of all that- they will make it easier to get well or creatively lit shots anytime, because there’s no excuse to not have them with you. Combine bi-color and RGB versions for creative highlights or little kisses of light here and there… just spice up your shots without the inconvenience of having to pack or carry more on you.

Anyway, for just $49, do at the very least check them out, and this video is a great place to start:

Pick yours up here:
Kyu-6 Bi-Color: https://geni.us/kyu6bicolor
Kyu-6 RGB: https://geni.us/kyu6rgb
Kits: https://spiffygear.com/product-category/kyu/?AFFID=473852

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