Scott Dumas

YouTuber, Videographer, Photographer, Dad

I was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts (USA) and little did I know that connection would lead me to Kochi, Japan 20 years later (look up John Manjiro). There I met my wife, and we still live here in Japan with 3 kids and a dog.

Having kids motivated me to get into photography more seriously than I had in the past, and with that soon came video. That led to YouTube and here I am now with a full time YouTube channel and videography business. I do wedding party photos, graduation photos and things like that from time to time, but my main passion is video. It’s frustrating, it’s a money pit and it’s time consuming, but I love it.

I hope that I can share that passion with you in the form of reviewing gear that I’m excited about using. I’m currently working on a series of basic tutorials as well and most of all I’m just excited to see where this all takes me. I know I’m not perfect, but I hope I can be genuine, so thanks for sticking around.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Scott:
    I’ve watched your reviews of the Zeapon Micro 2 motorized slider and I recently bought one.
    I’ve run into a problem I hope you might be able help with.
    First, I love the slider. I do a lot of interviews and it works great for my B-camera.
    But … I decided to download the app to look into using it for time-lapse sequences.
    The app is NOT available in the Android Play Store and when I download it from the Zeapon website I get all kinds of security warnings about the potential damage to my phone and data.
    I went so far as to download and install it, but when I started the app it wanted to access all files on my device. I stopped there and uninstalled the app.
    Early on I sent a message to Zeapon support about these issues, but have never heard back.
    Given your relationship with the company, I hope you can pass on my frustrations and ask them to make their app more compatible with the Play Store protocols.
    Thanks in advance


    1. Hey, so sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. Has this been worked out? I don’t know much about Android in all honesty, but I thought the app should be available on the Play Store… I’ve seen others use it so hopefully it shouldn’t be a problem. Let me know if you got it sorted, and sorry again for the late reply


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