Wotancraft Pilot Backpack and Modular System

Camera backpacks are a dime a dozen. Not this one.

The Wotancraft Pilot messenger bag was already one of my favorites- with a rugged and handsome design, modular storage and a surprisingly large capacity with hidden pockets and great interior velcro add ons.

Well, they upped the size with the Pilot backpack, and made it even more modular.

You still get the super tough, rugged and weather resistant outside, coupled with the delicate medical grade microfiber velcro interior. But, now you can go from a pretty standard 20L capacity up to 36L with customizable add ons, which can also be used individually as very useful little bags on their own.

Build it up, break it down… the design is up to you on a day to day basis.

The one caveat, is that it can be a bit overwhelming. So, check out these in depth videos on the backpack itself and (nearly) the entire Wotancraft add-on lineup.

Find out more here, Pilot Backpack: https://reurl.cc/x056VL

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