All-In-One Wireless Monitor

Pretty pumped to finally have such a good looking all in one wireless monitor solution from Hollyland Technology!
Plus, it’s 1500 nits and has a pretty decent and simple user interface.

There are lots of tools like waveforms, vector scopes and focus peaking (which also works with a black and white background for super easy focusing), dual hot swappable NP-F battery plates and also the option for external power if you mount it onto a larger director’s monitor cage. 

Super comfortable to hold, comes in a crazy nice hard carry case and includes the external (d-tap) power cable and a comfortable strap if you want to support it around your neck.

Works with any of the Cosmo series wireless kits for zero latency- perfect for focus pullers. 

Full review coming soon, but… I mean, this post pretty much sums it up! 🙂

Check it out here if you want to see more information:

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