Record More for Less

CFast 2.0 cards are coming down in price, but they’re still quite expensive.

Recording in RAW or even formats like ProRes 422 or ProRes HQ can eat up data quickly, and for the $500 or so you’d spend for a 500GB CFast card, you could get FIVE 500GB SSDs. With the SolidPod Slim, you can have a rugged housing for those SSDs that works with any CFast 2.0 equipped cameras.

Granted, you do have to mount something extra to your rig. But, with 3 awesomely slim mounting options included in the box, the SolidPod Slim easily feels at home on any sized camera. There are 2 SSD mounts included for fast swapping and you can read your data just like standard CFast cards or in an mSATA SSD reader such as the Gen 1 reader from SolidPod.

Plus, compared to external SSDs which use a USB interface, the passive CFast card on the SolidPod Slim is a more secure and reliable connection. It also leaves the USB on the Z Cam open for using a phone or tablet.

While it works with a range of cameras, Z Cam users can use the code ZCAMFB30OFF to get $30 off until May 15th.
Or, if you’re a current Gen 1 user, you can get $70 off towards an upgrade! Limited time only so don’t miss out!

If you want to see more, check it out here:

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