A Huge Time Saver

A few weeks back I reviewed these new little parts from iFootage called Seastars.

Basically, they’re a new quick release system, but not for your cameras.

Instead, you can swap out tripod heads, sliders, jibs and of course tripod heads on top of all those and more in just seconds.

So you can keep your Manfrotto plates or whatever it is that you use, but quickly and easily go between multiple set ups, letting you get the most variety of shots with the least frustration.

Their super rugged and low profile design also means that they’re 100% wobble free and just as solid as if they weren’t even there. Honestly, probably over-engineered if anything, but they get the job done with absolute confidence.

If you want to see more detail, check out my full review here:

Grab some here, check them out on iFootage’s website, or see more below:

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