The Last Filter (kit) You’ll Ever Need

Freewell has just launched an (already fully backed) Indiegogo campaign for one of the most creative and useful filter kits I’ve ever seen.

Forget screwing on filter after filter, dropping them, searching to find the right one… This new 7-in-1 magnetic filter kit means you screw on one base ring and forget it. You can almost effortlessly and instantly go between 7 different filters: 2-5 stop ND, 6-9 stop ND, mist versions of both (with hard stops), a mist filter on its own, a CPL or even ND32/CPL combo filter. Plus, they’re all very high quality with nearly no effect on image quality except the inevitable slight color shift.

This kit is perfect for nearly every situation you could find yourself in, and it all comes in a handy case to let you transport, protect and swap them out faster and more easily.

But, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself.

If you’re interested in grabbing one at an earlybird discount, check out the campaign here:

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