A High Quality, Budget Friendly Wireless Follow Focus

I got the chance to test out the Live Air wireless follow focus kit from PD Movie, and with such a small form factor, didn’t have any especially high expectations. But, I was wrong- this has got to be THE go-to kit for the entry level user.

A few reasons why:

  1. Built in batteries (removable). Other comparable kits either need external power, which is not conducive to a compact, lightweight rig, or have batteries that are not removable so the follow focus quickly becomes a brick if you run out of juice. With the Live Air kit, you get 2 motor batteries and 1 controller battery- and these should last you a full day shooting- but they also recharge very fast (30 minutes in the case of the controller!) This really ups the usability factor and should not be overlooked.
  2. Smooth, repetitive focus pulls. The movement feels very natural, it seems to be accurate and repeatable without getting thrown off by slow or fast movements and is just excessively simple.
  3. A full featured kit. You get all you need in the kit including a 15mm rod and single rod clamp that can screw onto your rig or slide into a shoe mount. It’s not only ready to go, but it’s ready for any sized rig.
  4. Quality. from the hardware to the software, this kit definitely feels well made.
  5. Mobile App. You can connect this with an app that is surprisingly full featured. While it’s not the most intuitive app I’ve used, it has a range of features like setting marks, automated and customizable paths, and even noting specific distance markers on the app’s interface for your lens.

So what’s not to like? Well- the controller wheel is a bit small; seemingly made to fit onto handheld camera rigs, it lacks the feel of a larger wheel and space to manually make marks on the ring. PD Movie does have other kits with more typical designs if you need though. Also, as I mentioned the app is not the most intuitive I’ve seen, and certain things like a long hold of the “button” being required before starting automated paths can sometimes make timing your focus pulls a little tricky.

But, long story short- it’s a great kit and definitely what I’d recommend as my top choice in the price range.

To see more, check out the video below:

Pick one up or see more here: https://geni.us/pdmov

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