To Rig or Not To Rig (Featuring the Sony A7S III)

Rigging up your camera can be a lot of fun. But in many cases, it can add a lot of unnecessary bulk and weight to a camera that’s great for just pulling out and shooting with little to no prep time. Where exactly is the line of when you should rig it up and when it’s not needed?

I got the Sony A7S III in recently, and I felt like it was the perfect camera to address that subject. With a monitor, viewfinder, autofocus and a whole lot more built in, just how much rigging is really necessary? Are you run and gun? Are you using manual focus lenses? How about the XLR adapter or Ninja V for filming in ProRes RAW? Do you need speed or do you need durability? These are all things that you should definitely ask yourself each time you go out shooting and build up or strip down the camera to fit your needs.

But, if you want to hear a bit more or want to see some of the gear that SmallRig has put out for getting set up with the A7S III, check out the in depth video below:

If you’re interested in any of the gear in the video, check it out here:

Smallrig Gear:
Sony A7S III:
Atomos Ninja V:
PD Movie Follow Focus:
Hollyland Mars 400 Pro:
Irix Cine Lenses:

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