A Genius New Videomic from Deity

A microphone is a microphone, right? Wrong- this microphone is TWO microphones!

The Deity D4 Duo is a tiny and light on camera microphone that not only gives you then option of having clear and balanced audio from both in front of and behind the camera, but also opens up the possibility of having a shotgun style on camera mic plus a 3.5mm input for something like a wireless lav mic.

For walk and talks, vloggers who talk behind the camera as they show something happening in front of it, or even for in camera scratch audio with clear notes and dictation from you standing behind it; the D4 Duo is one of a kind.

As with all Deity mics, it’s fairly priced and built like a rock, with solid audio quality and customer support to match.

No more turning mics backwards in the hot shoe or dealing with muddy off camera voices in vlogs, and no more limitations in choosing either an on camera mic or a lav. This mic is something that should be in everyone’s kit, so check out this short video to see more.

If you do want to pick one up, check it out here: https://geni.us/DeityD4Duo

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