Sony ZV-1 Cage and Accessories from Smallrig

The tiny but mighty Sony ZV-1 has a few drawbacks that almost any user will immediately notice.

A plastic build, a tiny grip and a battery/SD card door that doesn’t open if you have ANYTHING attached to the 1/4″ screw thread on the bottom.

While it is just a compact camera, the Smallrig cage can fix all of that, give you extra mounting points, another cold shoe and more. Plus, they have a handful of other accessories that can bring the ZV-1 up to a very full featured video rig- either for vlogging, YouTubers or regular filmmaking.

In this video I unbox, set up and review the cage along with their full accessories kit, so check it out.

Smallrig Cage:
Smallrig Mini Top Handle:
Smallrig Cold Shoe:
Smallrig Mini Tripod:

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