Compact Dual Wireless Mic System | Comica BoomX-D D2

While the title really says it all, the Comica BoomX-D D2 kit is a compact and lightweight dual mic wireless system that is incredibly convenient when packing small, working with a gimbal or whenever you want decent audio with as little hassle as possible.

It’s not the most high quality product – either in build nor in audio quality – but it gets the job done. It pairs right out of the box, can work with either the built in mic or an external 3.5mm lav mic, and even comes with furry windscreens and cables for all cameras and smartphones.

With the belt-clip style design, sliding that right into your camera hot shoe adds almost no size or weight meaning it’s the perfect receiver for gimbal work, and it’s more versatile than the competitor, the Rode Wireless Go, because of the 2 channel design.

To see the 164 foot range tested, audio samples and a more complete walkthrough of what it is and how it works, check out the video review below.

Pick yours up here:

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