The REAL Reason I Switched to Sony

The Sony A7S III and the Canon R5 have stirred up quite the debate, and are bringing even the hardest of hardcore Canon fanboys to decisions they never expected to make. Yep, even me.

But, most of the discussion has centered around the overheating- and I think that’s far from the only problem.

To put it short, Sony has:

  • No record limit in most new bodies
  • Full sized HDMI (with 16 bit RAW output) on the A7S III
  • Advanced audio compatible hot shoes on most new bodies
  • Dual recording, almost all modes to regular UHS II SD Cards on the A7S III
  • Better custom white balance process
  • Peaking plus highlight or targeted zebra modes
  • 61mp in the A7R IV

Of course, changing systems will cost you money if you don’t do it right, and there are absolutely things to miss about the Canon system- the feel, the simplicity, the drop in filter adapter and separated video and photo settings (although Sony even bested that with the A7S III).

Overall neither is perfect but I think now is an amazing time to switch if you’ve been considering it, where the A7S III is giving us insane capabilities for a camera that’s smaller than even the so-called “pocket camera” ;).

Check out the video to see all this in a lot more detail, and be sure to leave a comment with what you’re using and what you think of these new cameras from Canon and Sony.

Canon EOS-R:
Canon EOS-R5:
Sony A7S III:
Sony A7R4:
Sony A7 III:

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