Hollyland Mars 300 PRO Wireless Video Kit

The Hollyland prosumer Mars wireless video kit lineup is already pretty full- running from the $179 Mars X (a single HDMI transmitter that works with their mobile app) up to the $649 mars 400S (a solidly built kit with both HDMI and SDI interface plus mobile app compatibility).

Well, now the last piece of the puzzle, the Mars 300, has been brought up to date with the brand new Mars 300 PRO; adding mobile app compatibility, a display screen, lower latency and an internal antenna design. That’t not all that’s new though, so check out my review video to see all the little details of what the $449 Mars 300 PRO will get you.

Get one yourself, here:
US: https://geni.us/Mars300Pro
Japan: https://geni.us/Mars300ProJP

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