A Great New Camera Backpack on Indiegogo

For a few months now I’ve been using the brand new Momento camera backpack from Ambitionem, and it’s honestly been one of my favorites (and I’ve used a LOT).

With a fairly compact size and good looking design that doesn’t feel awkward on either a casual day with the family or a professional shoot, it holds a lot more than it appears to. I’ve easily carried around 2 cameras with lenses attached, plus a couple extra lenses, a mic and/or other accessories including a 15 inch macbook pro. There’s not a whole lot of external storage, but you can attach a tripod and it’s very comfortable even with a full load.

Add to that nice little extras like the insane amount of dividers they provide, a removable net to make sure nothing accidentally falls out when you open the bag and a rear access design that doesn’t leave you fumbling holding the shoulder straps out of the way the whole time… and you’ve got a pretty solid list of features.

Oh, and did I mention quick side access? It’s got that too.

To see what it’s all about, check out their Indiegogo page or watch my in depth dive into this bag below!

Grab one at a discount on Indiegogo!

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