A New Foldable Pocket LED from FalconEyes – Hit or Miss?

There are a ton of pocket LEDs on the market these days- ranging from small and cheap to rugged and full featured.

The F7, FalconEyes first version of their own pocket LED was well made and …well, average. It had a magnetized backside but that was about it for standout features, which was OK without much competition!

But now with a more and more flooded market, new pocket LEDs need something to set them apart from the rest and the F7 Fold definitely does that, at least at first glance.

With a good handful of updated features and capabilities from the original F7 though, is the “fold” just a gimmick, or actually worth it? Either way, the 2 lights (which are hinged together, yet- separable) end up being even cheaper per unit than the original F7.

So, what are your thoughts? Would you get it? Or is there another light which beats this out despite its flexible design?

Grab some here:
F7 Fold: https://geni.us/F7Fold
F7 (original): https://geni.us/FalconEyesF7PL

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