Synco Mic-D1

At $199 (and sometimes cheaper on sale), the Mic-D1 from Synco is one of the cheapest XLR mics which can take either phantom or battery power.

It has a built in high pass filter, an all brass anti-RF body and even comes in a carry case with 2 cables, a mic clip and cold shoe adapter.

With a single AA battery, you can power the mic for around 100 hours and while it’s physically longer than the other mics in its category, it feels well made.

Only time will tell how reliable it will be through heavier use, but in this video I take a look how it compares to some other mics I have on hand from Deity.

If you want to grab one of these mics for yourself, check them out with the links below!

Synco Mic-D1:
Deity S-Mic 2:
Deity S-Mic 2S:

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