IRIX 45mm T1.5 Cine Lens

Generally speaking, cine lenses can be expensive.
Or, they can have some fairly significant optical quality or build quality sacrifices.
Or, they don’t cover full frame.

If all of Irix’s full frame cine lenses follow the example the 45mm T1.5 lens has set, they easily stand out far apart from any of those crowds.

They’re incredibly well made with butter smooth focus and aperture rings, a wide 180 degree focus throw and even weather sealing.

That’s not to mention innovative new design features that let this lens do what others can’t.

For one, you’ve got focus gears carved into the body of the lens rather than sticking out, leaving a sleek design that feels right at home on any sized camera rig. But to avoid your focus gears bumping into the barrel, you can spin a re-positionable cutout wherever you need it. Whether your follow focus is on the left or the right, or even the top, you’ll have no issues at all.

Add to that a magnetic slip on lens hood that, while not my favorite part of the lens, does allow for a flat and smooth barrel perfect for clamp on matte boxes. But, it also leaves your 86mm filter threads available if you want to use screw on filters. Just don’t pick the lens up by the hood.

I see a lot of cheaper cine lenses struggle with optical issues when shot at or near their widest apertures, but the Irix 45mm T1.5 left me with absolutely no hesitation to shoot it wide open all day long. More than sharp enough for the full frame 6K on my Z Cam E2-F6, very little CA, beautiful flare and an overall gorgeous image. You do get a little focus breathing, but I felt that it was minimal and comparable to other mid-range cine lenses.

The last thing I want to explore is how the color and light transmission consistency across the range of lenses will be, but I have high hopes.

While $1300 may be a lot for some, it’s a great price for a cine lens as serious as this.
And, if you want to save a bit you can go for their photo version without sacrificing quality for around $800.

To see more details check or watch my review below!

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