LED Video Lights from Phottix – pt. 3

Last but not least, the Nuada R4 from Phottix.

This was my favorite of the 3.

A soft, edge-lit LED panel that doesn’t need any further diffusion or modification to get a nice beautiful light. It can be battery powered for a super minimal setup and bright with very high quality output. Add to that the ability to easily flip it vertical to get more unique angles to your lighting without a boom arm, plus the bi-color capability and circular shape for natural catch lights- this is a really do-it-all type of light.

Check it out in more detail here:

Check out pricing and availability here:

サエダオンラインショップ Yahooショッピング
サエダオンラインショップ 楽天


Find the full playlist of all 3 videos here:

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