Some Quick Shots with the IRIX 45mm T1.5

I’ve used this lens as the sole lens to shoot an entire paid shoot already, so I know it performs like a champ. But now it’s time to start collecting test clips for a proper review and I started off by shooting in fairly harsh sun wide open the entire time.

These are far from all the clips, and I’ll have more in the final review (with more context of course), but I love the way it looks.

All shot wide open
Shot in 4K 72fps/ProRes LT
Z Cam E2-F6
Quick & simple grade

The bokeh is soft, the focus is sharp (even at closest focus which is pretty darn close!) and it doesn’t seem to have any glaring issues with chromatic aberration. This is just a very rough very first look type of thing though, more careful tests to follow, of course.

While the clip isn’t included here, I did notice a drop in contrast when shooting backlit with the sun in the frame, but I didn’t see much flare or ghosting. I think that will give it a definite character, and I’ll have to look into it more.

The focus ring is butter smooth with a long 180° throw and I just love the size and weight of the lens and how it balances on the camera. It’s weather sealed, it covers full frame sensors and is “8K ready,” it’s got focus marks on both sides filled with UV paint for easy viewing and comes in at under $1200.

I’ll continue to look into things like focus breathing and edge sharpness, as well as test it more overall, but this is going to be one seriously competitive cine lens.

If you’re interested, check out more here:

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