The Best On-Camera Field Monitor?

I’ve tried a lot of field monitors over the years. A lot. Small, large, bright, …not so bright.
They all have their perks, and their downsides. But, very few really stand out from the crowd.

The OSEE T7 is one of those that do.

It recently came down in price together with its big brother, the SDI equipped G7, and that’s what first caught my attention.
Taking a closer look, I was blown away what a monitor for just $425 could do.

3000 nits. No fan.
Luma, RGB and RGB Parade waveforms, resizable and mappable to an area outside your frame.
Vectorscope, Luma/RGB histogram, audio meters- of course.
False color with a ton of custom modes for different LOG profiles to highlight only key exposure values for quickness.
Super customizable aspect ratio markers including adjustable width.
Auto flip option.
Again, obviously it has user loadable LUTs (which don’t affect false color or waveforms), fully tweak-able image settings and more.

PLUS… the best user interface I’ve ever used, making it stupidly simple to go from a page with tons of exposure tools, to a page with focus and framing tools in just seconds with a single push of a joystick. Seriously. That SINGLE joystick allows this monitor to be 10x easier to use than any other monitor I’ve used (I’m NOT a fan of touch screen monitors, so…).

If you’re shopping for your first monitor or your tenth (or even your 20 something-th like me), this is absolutely one of the top choices you need to consider.

Smaller budget? Save up just a bit longer, you won’t regret it.

Check out my video review (and full walkthrough soon to come) here:

Get yours here:

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