Need a New Flash? Don’t miss the AD400 Pro!

If you need more power, then that’s that. But, for most people a 400 watt strobe will do the trick and then some. That makes the AD400 Pro with it’s included carry case and adaptable mount a much more attractive choice, at an even better price!

In either case, the new “Pro” series from Godox offers a really attractive set of features, now with a brighter, more controllable modeling light and TTL as a standard feature. Check out all it has to offer here:

To see more about how the buttons and menus all work, take a look at this walkthrough video:

If you’re interested in getting any of the Godox lights mentioned here, these are my affiliate links so if you decide to make a purchase through one of these links I will receive a percentage of the sale, but it won’t cost you anything extra.

Godox AD400 Pro:
Godox AD600 Pro:
Godox AD200:
Godox Xpro-C: