Moza Mini-Mi Final Review

With tons of options to choose from in the smartphone gimbal market, the Mini-Mi stood out with a wide range of features including wireless charging, inception mode and an unheard of EIGHT follow modes. Check out my final review with sample footage to see if its performance measures up to the rest of its specs.

If you’d like to see more about how everything works and a quick overview of the gimbal design itself, check below.

And an in-depth walkthrough at the app itself:

If you’re interested in getting the Moza Mini-Mi for yourself, these are affiliate links so if you decide to make a purchase through one of these links I will receive a percentage of the sale, but it won’t cost you anything extra.



3 thoughts on “Moza Mini-Mi Final Review

  1. I totally appreciate the tip on how to upgrade the firmware! I just purchased this gimbal and there was nothing in the manual about how to check firmware status or to update. I checked out a Zhiyun gimbal for a friend recently and encountered a similar situation with sadly lacking info from the manufacturer so many thanks for providing these details!


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