Bebob VMicro – Pocket Sized V-Mount Batteries!

Ever think to yourself, “this v-mount battery is so compact and lightweight!”? Probably not. 

The VMicro batteries from Bebob, a battery manufacturer from Germany, will change that though.



The lightest in the series, a 45Wh battery, weighs just 0.33kg and is only about 10cm tall. It’s quite literally pocket sized, but will still power a smaller camera setup, like the GH5, for nearly 4 times as long as the native battery. 

Of course, there are larger options too, with 98Wh and 150Wh versions available, letting you pack light but still power more power hungry cameras or lights like the Canon C200 or Aputure 120D. All three share the same height and width, with the heaviest still coming in well under 1kg (0.77kg to be exact). 

While a lot of battery plates, lights and cameras still can’t take advantage of their smaller size, the lighter weight always helps. Their design does also make them extremely easy to pack and carry around, even if you’re not able to change the size of your battery plates. On some setups, like the GH4 with a smaller v-mount clip from Smallrig, they can definitely help to cut down the overall footprint. 

Speaking of the GH4, or GH5, I think it’s a perfect example of where these will be appreciated. So many users of these smaller but incredible cameras want more power for longer recording. A typical v-mount battery will weigh more than the camera itself though, and tends to defeat the purpose of a compact camera. The VMicro lineup, especially the 45Wh or 98Wh versions, will give you the absolute perfect middle ground for this situation. 

Of course, that’s far from all they’re good for, but it’s one area where I think they shine. 



In terms of specs, they’re nearly identical to most of the other brands on the market and they’re virtually unbreakable. I myself dropped the heaviest 150Wh battery down a full flight of stairs with cement at the bottom (by accident) and it survived without any problem at all. 

The batteries all feature a twist D-Tap, allowing you to plug in your D-tap cables facing either direction which is a lot more helpful than it may sound. They also have a USB port covered by a sliding hard plastic door that you can use to power something like an iPhone or iPad which was really useful using my Prompter People teleprompter with the iPad as a monitor. They also have a flashlight on the back for finding things in a dark bag or seeing where you’re attaching it when you don’t have enough light. The side features a 5 step power gauge as well as a light that lets you know how much of the remaining full capacity the battery currently has, since these types of batteries can lose their maximum charge over time. 

All in all they’re priced similar to the competition, offer very similar specs in a far lighter and more compact design. The only reason I can really see to not go for these is if you need 2 D-Tap ports, which they do not have. 

If you want to see more, check out the video above or go on over to Bebob’s website. I’ll have links for everything below so you can see more details like availability and pricing in your area.

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